Tuesday, January 7, 2014


018 - Office Dress Code (Part 2/4)

GQ magazine released the 40 rules of thumb for the guys (based on an interview of 1000 gents) dressing up at the office. We are going to break down each rule and tackle every single one. Let us know your thoughts and comment below. 

11. Loosen tie? Don't do it!
Style 4 Gents: Either tie on or tie off. You wanna be that guy who acts like you don't care? Leave it at the sports bar.

12. You have a responsibility to represent the company through your style. You're the business card in that moment. 
Style 4 Gents: It's your name on the business card. No reason you will do something degrading yourself. 

13. Know what your dress shirt is saying

Point: You've had your job since 2011 and this shirt since 1994.

Button Down: You're putting that liberal-arts degree to good use.

Semispread: You're two years ahead on your five-year career plan.

Cutaway spread: Your last gig was as an usher at the royal wedding.

Style 4 Gents: Basically GQ is saying higher the collar, better the style. We have not found the statistically relevance, but we do want to point out the narrower the space between the collar point, the more up tight you appear to be. 

14. 36% of guys said their favorite suit color is black

Style 4 Gents: You should have at least 1 to 2 black suits. Afterwards, go for different shades of gray suits. 

Project Upgrade (The business causal office) 

First of all: Business causal = Suits minus jacket

15. Mix-and-Don't Match: Play with shirt and tie patterns. Make sure scales are different. 

Style 4 Gents: For starter, keep either shirt or tie in plain and trade the other with patterns. Then you can play mix-and-match on different medium. Practice makes perfect. Tips? Keep it in the similar color tone. 

By Paul Ramos

16. Matte it down: Keep belt buckle small

Style 4 Gents: Unless you are the cast of Big Bang Theory

17. Catch a bad break: No more puddling pants

Style 4 Gents: It's only acceptable at skiing outfits.

18. Go shrink yourself: No oversized shirt

Style 4 Gents: One way I determine if the shirt is fit to the body is by looking at the buttons after you try on the shirt. When it seems like they are stretching a lot and seemingly popping out, then it's too tight and you need to size it up. If you notice the fabric is sagging and there's no trace of your body shape. Then you need to size it down or look for a better fit. Classic fit or slim fit is really about bringing the best side of your body shape, not the mis-conceptional gay side. 

19. 'Watch' this: Work proper timepiece means a leather strap and simple face

Style 4 Gents: We believe it's appropriate regardless it's metal strap or leather strap. Just save the plastic at sports day. 

20. Punch Up Your Kicks: Suede bucks and colorful socks were made for business causal. 

Style 4 Gents: Suede needs extra care because the material looks terrible and dirty when it touches water. But feel free to pair some colorful socks with your dress shoes. It's trendy, playful and office appropriate.

Come back tomorrow for the part 3! You can also check out part 1 here

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