Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye, 2013.

'That's a wrap!'


Dear Gents,

Thank you for stopping by our bar today. As you may realize, there are many new faces here since we only started a month ago. I'd like to thank you for all of you from around the globe travelled all the way to here so a pack of sophisticated pal can gather and mingle. My sincere appreciation to everyone of you.

We are committed to bring you more material in the future. More style info, more areas that we can explore, cover, share… Whether you are killing time on your commute or slacking in the office, we promise you will always the minutes spending with us is satisfying. 

As we close out the bar for the night, let's raise our glasses in the air. 

To a new day, a new year…


From your wonderful host 


Thursday, December 19, 2013


# 013 - Yoga/Workout Mat

Despite the arising popularity of this exercise that motivates the ladies in the office paying over a hundred bucks per month to perform a routine that claims to have mind calming and relaxing effect with seemingly no physical challenge, yoga is not the kind of 'manly' or 'muscular' choice that would ever replace a gym visit for guys. 

To be fair, yoga actually requires you to exercise a great number of muscles including those that you have never discovered, not to mention its magical power to detox your body (so as biking). I was once convinced by a close friend and tried out one of the classes. Refusing to be part of the folks who seem to chill their way for an hour, I went to this class titled 'Figure Four' - a yoga class combined with ballet routine and regular yoga form. The demand of muscle strength and tolerance shocked me. For example, one requires you to hold the side bar with straight hand in 180 degree, bend you knee in a 90 degree as a starting position (As shown below).  Then move downward until your knee in a 45 degree angle, pause…and return to the starting position. Now, repeat it 10 times for 5 reps. enjoy the soreness along with the unknown source of cramp coming after. 

Are you ready for my results? My hardship of walking stairs and endless muscle soreness for the rest of the week. It was also embarrassing and humiliating considering the fact that I am the only guy in the class. The girls showed no emotions about my presence as they were elegantly calm and slowly transitioning to other positions. But I am sure they enjoy my amusement hearing me mouthing 'F*** ME' every time the instructor called another 10 reps or 'Now. Hold that position!'. There might be even cold sweat dripping from my forehead. What a nice way to cool down?

Ever since, I admire people who do yoga and show flexibility ; ) . While yoga might not be the thing that fits me right now, I do enjoy owning my mat at the gym. Like every kid's story, you own the first basic skateboard, use it to the fullness, break it during a trick practice, and desperate for a new one. Laying the solid coffee color mag every time is boring, until I discover something that I can call it an upgrade. 

And here you are…The yoga/workout mat designed by some extraordinary artists. 7 options, sold exclusively at Grey Area ($90). 

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@earlboykins (Andrew Kuo)

Daniel Arsham
Eric Cahan

Grey Area

Kon Trubkovich

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


#012 - The scent

There are some confusing and rather stressful moments for us gents. One of those is shopping cologne at a store with a setting of hundreds of choice and surround by aggressive sales at the counter.  And here is your simple guide to do right. 

1. Go It Alone.

You're not here to find a cologne that will please your girlfriend or your buddy. You're here to find one that you feel comfortable with.

2. Skip the Deo for the Day.

Wearing strong deodorant or another cologne will confuse your nose. You want an olfactory blank slate for your expedition.

3. Ask the Clerk This One Question: "What's Your Favorite Scent Here?"

If she robotically reaches for the closest bottle, she's getting a bonus for pushing that brand. Move on. You want a clerk who will give the question honest thought. Even if you don't like the scent she chooses, it means this person won't sell you on Eau de Nostrilburn just for a commission.

4. Act Like Scorsese—Give Lots of Direction.

If you remember only one thing throughout this mission, let it be this: You have the wallet, which means you're the one in charge. Before the clerk starts shoving bottles in your face, offer up as many guidelines as you can—even if it's as simple as "I don't want to smell too sweet" or "Something wintry"—so she can fine-tune her suggestions. No clue what you're after? Ask to sniff the four new-for-fall colognes in the slideshow above, which cover the key guy-scent categories, and work from there.

5. Shoot Down Any Spritzes Aimed At Your Skin.

Salespeople will tell you that colognes smell different on your body. This is a lie, and a good way to end up wearing something that you hate for the rest of the day. Have them spray scent strips, then sniff-test from there.

6. "No. Nope. No. Maybe. Hell No."

The clerk's probably going to drop a cluster bomb of strips on you right away. Say "no" often. She doesn't make the colognes, she just sells 'em, so no hard feelings. Have her trash the losers immediately, so the scents you do like won't get lost in a pile of duds.

7. Don't Be a Label Snob...

Even if a flashy $5,000 Prada suit isn't your vibe, the brand's latest cologne might be exactly what you're searching for. In other words, give everything a fair whiff.

8. ...But It's Okay To Be a Bottle Elitist.

Maybe you don't want what looks like a phallic fertility idol sitting on your dresser. That's completely fair.

9. Clear Your Head (And Your Nose).

Narrow your choices down to two samples and take a half-hour stroll. Try on some new shades. Visit your favorite not-yet-extinct music store. You want to give your nose a chance to reset and allow the samples to evolve (because lots of colognes will).

10. Now Take One Last Whiff and Decide: Which Cologne Would You Rather Smell All Day?

Got it? Good. Mosey back to the department store, reward the soul behind the counter with a commission, and hustle out of the mall for some fresh air.

What's HOT in the winter??

Polo Red packs ruby red grapefruit, which is neither too sweet nor too sour—just fresh and clean. $76 | 4.2 oz.

Bottega Veneta Pour Homme is like a fir Christmas tree you'll want to smell long past New Year's. $80 | 1.7 oz

Gucci Made to Measure has a hit of cinnamon and the musky sweetness of a well-worn baseball mitt. $88 | 3 oz.
For Zegna Uomo, the company bought an orchard of bergamot trees, then mixed the zest with violets. $80 | 3.4 oz.

Friday, December 13, 2013


#011 - Zachary Quinto's fall coat showcase

Zachary has recently done a photo shoot in New York City with luxury online retailer Mr Porter for their winter coats collection. Since the chilling cold has officially frozen our bones, there is no way we will be able to make it across town (or even blocks) without the appropriate protection. Here is the stylish presentation of the winter coat selections by the admirable Zachary Quinto.

By the way, love the Black and White tone pics.

Zachary Quinto is now playing a new show - The Glass Menagerie on Broadway. Read his latest interview with Mr. Porter here

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


#010 - Challenge your body to the max

Nobody will question Jason Derulo's body, mainly because he shows off to the public more than Justin Bieber and I barely can find any images of him with a shirt on. Undoubtedly, he has the type of body that most guys want, the muscular core packed with tight, strong and lean muscles. No, those are not the GNC kind of muscle boost (like Pringle's, they are not potato chips!), those are real muscles that's been through the toughest training. What's the secret? He says in the interview about dancing non stop, doing crazy tricks and constantly challenge your body. Now, consider these routines for your next workout. Be prepared! It ain't feel like normal when you do it. 

How To Get Started
The trim, toned body of a dancer is attainable—even if you've got two left feet. These exercises, which Derulo does during his sessions with trainer Kevin Henderson, target the shoulders, arms, chest, and core, prized parts of a breaker's anatomy. Do each in order once, resting 30 seconds to a minute between moves.

1. Roundhouse Push-up 
Get in plank position. Shift weight to left side and, keeping right arm straight, bend left elbow, lowering chest toward floor. Bend right elbow as you shift to the center. Then, keeping right arm bent, straighten left arm, moving to right side. Extend right arm to return to starting position. Repeat, lowering to the right side first to complete 1 rep. Do 2 sets of 15 reps.

2. Roll Outs
Get on all fours with knees under hips and hold the handles of an ab roller in each hand. Keep head to knees aligned and elbows straight as you slowly push the ab roller away until chest hovers a few inches above the floor. Return to starting position as quickly as possible. Do 2 sets of 10 reps.

3. Biceps Curls Superset
Hold a 50-pound barbell with both hands, arms extended at sides, palms facing forward. Bend elbows, drawing barbell toward chest. Lower. Do 5 reps. Rest for 30 seconds, then do 4 reps. Repeat, reducing reps by one until you reach 1 rep, then build back up again. That's 1 set. Do 2 sets.

4. Unstable Single-Arm Shoulder Press
Kneel on a stability ball and hold a 20-pound dumbbell in right hand, elbow bent, palm facing forward. Extend right arm, pressing dumbbell toward ceiling. Lower. Do 8 reps, then switch sides to complete set. Do 2 sets

Monday, December 9, 2013


#009 - The Contemporary Colors

Do you realize once we are in winter, our color options are drastically reduced? We can't wear light colors, no more white, ivory, but dark colors. At the end, we end up picking that navy blue jacket and black pants because it is just easy, mindless and it seems... 'appropriate'. 

You are right, even designers tend to choose darken colors for their winter collections (Besides  Australia, Mexico, Brazil… the countries with no winter weather…). As popular (or boring) as navy blue and black are on the market, there are much more options out there. Of course, you can wear the same thing like everyone else on the street, or you can decide to show your taste of style beyond the safe choices. Like Matrix, a red pill or the blue pill… For our gents who are bold enough to explore and experiment, here are some classy styles that will keep the admiring attentions on you. 

From top: Shirt by Lacoste, pants by Ami, shoes by Church's, bag by Want les Essentiels de la Vie, socks throughout by Uniqlo. Suit by Jil Sander, shirt by Hamilton, shoes by Tod's, bag by Ralph Lauren.

From top: Shirt and jeans by Boss, shoes by Woolrich Woolen Mills. Jacket by Z Zegna, sweater by Topman, pants by Band of Outsiders, bag by Coach.

< - From top: Coat by Gucci, turtleneck by Lanvin, pants by Paul Smith, shoes by Bally. T-shirt by ATM, pants by Prada, shoes by Pierre Balmain, bag by Louis Vuitton.
 -> From top: Jacket by Prada, turtleneck by Canali, pants by Brunello Cucinelli, shoes by Paul Smith. Shirt by Balmain, pants by Diesel, belt by Paul Smith, shoes by Tod's.

From left: Suit and sweater by Calvin Klein Collection, gloves by Kenneth Cole, shoes by Tod's, bag by Bally. Blazer by Brioni, shirt by Equipment Homme, pants by Kenneth Cole, tie by Boss, shoes by John Lobb, wallet by Valextra.

Friday, December 6, 2013


#008 - Simple basics

Not everyone has the killer body to show off. Still a lot of us are hitting the gym, burn some fat, build some abs and gain extra two inches on the chest. Being bold is what makes you stand out from the pack. Get rid of the shirt between your body and the suit, then the only thing left is the fantasy to keep your date boiling inside out. Or keep it simple, pair a dark color tank top with the dark suits, no one can see through you, but they can feel the body heat passing thru that thin fabric. Now my gents, you just seal the deal for the Friday tonight. 

Be sexy, because you can. 

Thursday, December 5, 2013


#007 - Grooming Subscription

Mail orders have been getting another upgrade in recent years. Not only that we can order lunch, dinner and snack at any time thru the use of app like Seamless, innovating companies are now sending you deluxe grooming products thru subscription service. Just enter your credit card and the rest will be taken care of. If you have not known the following companies, here are some of the up risings we would like to introduce:

The Goods: Choose from one of three types of the upstart brand's signature blades: the Humble Twin, the 4X, or the Executive.
The Strategy: Four or five cartridges a month land on your welcome mat, making last-minute drug-store runs obsolete. Founder Michael Dubin also recently added, uh, butt wipes to the line. (Seriously. Watch the promo video.)

The Price: Blades are $1, $6, or $9 a month, depending on the style; wipes are $4.

The Goods: Deluxe-size samples of scrubs, pomades, and colognes from tried-and-true brands like Kiehl's and Baxter of California, plus goodie prizes like a Men in Cities woven-cotton belt.
The Strategy: Fill out an online profile about your grooming habits and physical traits (e.g., bald? Hair gels are nixed). Every month, expect a themed box of four or five items tailored to you. Anything you fall in love with can be bought in full size on the site (which also offers free shipping).
The Price: $20 a month

The Goods: Think full-size bathroom essentials—deodorant, toothpaste, and shampoo—that you blow through quickly. There's a solid selection of nightstand necessities, like condoms and Chapstick, as well.
The Strategy: Build a customized "pack" online that can be sent to you once or every three months.
Urban Cargo

The Goods: Expect a mix of mainstream and up-and-coming indie brands. Past boxes have doled out Evolution Man moisturizers, Wash With Joe body washes, and Hanz de Fuko hairstyling products.
The Strategy: Fill out a questionnaire about your hair and skin and receive a batch of products every three months that treat your problem areas. Each shipment comes with a $5 credit toward the online store.
The Price: $17.95 (quarterly)
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