Monday, December 2, 2013


#005 - Chelsea Boots

Our respected gent, Tim Little, the CEO and Creative Director of Grenson has to say about keeping your boots look good.

Rule 1: The Right Pants Are Key
"You want a narrow pants bottom, so that the pants sit tight, just a little way up the leg of the boot. You need to see just enough of the elastic gusset to know it's a Chelsea boot—otherwise it just looks like a very plain shoe."
Rule 2: Invest In Shoes Trees
"They help shoes keep their shape, but they also stop them from cracking, because the leather doesn't crease as it dries out. If you can, try to find trees with a high instep, as the Chelsea's shape is all about that gorgeous curve running up the front of the boot from the toe."
Rule 3: Avoid Quick Fixes
"My pair goes back to the Grenson factory, where they are re-lasted. There are also some very good independent guys around—just be sure to ask if they put the boots on a last as they repair them. Most don't, so you end up with a nice new sole but a misshapen upper."

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