Thursday, December 19, 2013


# 013 - Yoga/Workout Mat

Despite the arising popularity of this exercise that motivates the ladies in the office paying over a hundred bucks per month to perform a routine that claims to have mind calming and relaxing effect with seemingly no physical challenge, yoga is not the kind of 'manly' or 'muscular' choice that would ever replace a gym visit for guys. 

To be fair, yoga actually requires you to exercise a great number of muscles including those that you have never discovered, not to mention its magical power to detox your body (so as biking). I was once convinced by a close friend and tried out one of the classes. Refusing to be part of the folks who seem to chill their way for an hour, I went to this class titled 'Figure Four' - a yoga class combined with ballet routine and regular yoga form. The demand of muscle strength and tolerance shocked me. For example, one requires you to hold the side bar with straight hand in 180 degree, bend you knee in a 90 degree as a starting position (As shown below).  Then move downward until your knee in a 45 degree angle, pause…and return to the starting position. Now, repeat it 10 times for 5 reps. enjoy the soreness along with the unknown source of cramp coming after. 

Are you ready for my results? My hardship of walking stairs and endless muscle soreness for the rest of the week. It was also embarrassing and humiliating considering the fact that I am the only guy in the class. The girls showed no emotions about my presence as they were elegantly calm and slowly transitioning to other positions. But I am sure they enjoy my amusement hearing me mouthing 'F*** ME' every time the instructor called another 10 reps or 'Now. Hold that position!'. There might be even cold sweat dripping from my forehead. What a nice way to cool down?

Ever since, I admire people who do yoga and show flexibility ; ) . While yoga might not be the thing that fits me right now, I do enjoy owning my mat at the gym. Like every kid's story, you own the first basic skateboard, use it to the fullness, break it during a trick practice, and desperate for a new one. Laying the solid coffee color mag every time is boring, until I discover something that I can call it an upgrade. 

And here you are…The yoga/workout mat designed by some extraordinary artists. 7 options, sold exclusively at Grey Area ($90). 

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