Sunday, January 5, 2014


016 - Norman Reedus at the Gents Club

There are many good tv shows out there these days. Speaking of my favorite, it's gotta be the breakout zombie thriller - The Walking Dead. Norman, as Daryl Dixon the ruthless man who doesn't follow rules and give a shit of anyone's business, turns out to be the audience favorite out of all the characters. The experimental mini series (with only 6 episodes in the first season) quickly picks up the pace and turns into a full season TV show. Norman Reedus obviously charms its way with his unique character, the bad boy with a big heart to be discovered. When he is not dressing up country and holding a bow to shoot the brain out of zombies, he brings his gents style to the modern pre-acopolyse era. 


We showed how wearing suit jacket with nothing is such a turn on (if not intimidating) in our past post. While you are unlikely to try it in the public, at least save the look for your loved one (or a classy selfie). 

Coat by Burberry London. (Left) 

Coat by AllSaints. T-shirt by Neil Barrett. Pants by Shades of Grey. Boots by Red Wing Heritage. (Right)

We like a simple pairing of think stripes blue shirt with the dark grey suit with rough texture. 

Suit by Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen. Shirt by Salvatore Piccolo. Tie by Burberry London. Tie bar by The Tie Bar. Boots by Red Wing Heritage. Sunglasses by  Ray-Ban.

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