Friday, September 5, 2014


We are very honor to be invited to the 2014 Details Tech & Tastemakers Summit. The annual event hosted by Details is known for its influential panelists and informative discussions. This year, panelists share their experience in developing wearable technology and further engage customers via mobile and social media platforms. 

Alan Tisch (Spring), Clement Kwan (Yoox), Jose Neves (Farfetch), Dan Rockwood (MR PORTER)

In terms of boosting the engagement between brand and audience, Clement from Yoox mentioned its partnership with the social platform WE CHAT and Dan revealed MR PORTER's new fashion magazine and film development

Michael Bastian (Michael Bastian), Sridhar (HP), Keith George (Gilt)

HP has partnered with Michael Bastian and Gilt to launch their first series of smart watch. Michael Bastian is in charge of the design process and talks about its inspiration came from 'dashboard'. The new watch is a balance of style statement and integration of latest wearable technology. The companies are eyeballing the stylish and fashion forward gentlemen as the first adopter of the new collection. The collection is scheduled to launch later this year and will be available exclusively at for the first two weeks. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014


My encounter with Warby Parker happened recently when I was contacted by Brian to promote WP's new lia doubt, Warby Parker has become a new legend as a start ud eyewear fashion. Each pair of gWarby Parker costs about $100, trendy and totally affordable. 

This time, I got a chance to v Warby Parker in New York and took a peak of their office. My dear gents, you are in a treat to look at this blueprint of their development cycle. Speaking of Brian, he is the Director of Digital Marketing (a.k.a. a cool dude). At the day of the interview he wore his typical causal work wear - a short sleeves t-shirt and a pair of summer shorts. In contrast of my dress shirt and a vest on top, I envy his work attire during the summer. 

Brian Magida

When you walk inside the office, a neat and tidy showroom is located on the right hand side and you can see the entire work staff through the glasses. All the collections available for purchase are displayed nicely on the shelf and desk. Customers are welcome to come in and try out different styles. Most of the time I am a contact lens person, but I am amazed to matchmaking a few styles, and damn! i do like it. Instead of looking like a nerd working at the genius bar, for once I am capable of looking smart and cute with glasses on my face  (!!). 

As you can see below, the crystal frame glasses belong to the new WATERWAY Collection. The campaign was shot under water. 

Would you prefer the Waterway sunglasses or glasses?

Brian later on brought me to the back of the office where we stood in front of a giant white wall with a road map to the Beacon Collection's development. Similar to a lot of design development, ideas were pitched, transformed and then modified, Beacon Collection started off with 70s influence but it eventually became a collection where everyone can wear it during the day and night. Due to the long production cycle, I was told Warby Parker has already begun its 2016 collection development. 

Asked how Warby Parker gets into the brick-and-motor war ground, Brian told me that it was just the right decision at the right time for the business. Without any spending in advertising, sales figures are impressive and appoinappointments are fully booked. Expect more stores will be opened.

After all, it's about how to do the business right and eventually... human. Warby Parker banks with its stylish, affordable products with amazing customer service, innovative technologies and social movement, but what differentiates its position from the others is the ability of getting direct feedbacks, studying the market and making transformative decisions without going through complicated layers. 

As a gent with brain, we certainly take notes from the tour. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Remember the time when you walked on the street with no agenda and pleasant surprise happened? In my experience, that includes stumbled upon a celebrity at an empty bar and had an hour long chat... Therefore, when Warby Parker releases a new collection that is inspired by impromptu, I immediately feel related. 

In fact, the new Beacon collection is exactly what we need: looking cool during the day and charming at night. If anything, we are the pleasant surprise to the next person who stumbles upon...

Out of the 4 new lines in the Beacon collection, Garrett and Ingram are designed for our gents to look their best. 


Garrett’s flat browline and subtle keyhole bridge are
a fine pair for those with distinct taste


With squared-off lenses and a dipped browline, Ingram is
a nice choice for both leisurely pursuits and revelry

Are you a Garrett or an Ingram guy? Tell us and leave your comments below. 

Collection starts at $95, find out more at:
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Monday, July 28, 2014


#056 - White

Everyone starts with a white tee-shirt. Crew neck, v-neck... The good thing about white is... it matches every color. Other than that, any other items in white seems a bit overboard. White blazer? White pants? White sweater? Can we even wear white head to toe and walk on the street and not look like an A-hole?

The answer is... Yes. We actually can. In New York, color ties closely with the season. White belongs to late spring to summer to early fall, once we enter the winter, there's nothing but charcoal & black on the street. While we still have a few months left, why don't we make a new look and you can vow your Facebook friends and Instagram followers?

 Here's this week's inspirations:

- Pants (left: Belstaff; Right: Z Zegna)

Interesting enough, after your regular, probably worn off white crew neck tee shirt, white pants is the first thing you should purchase. Go for tailor fit dress pants, it outlines your body in a flattering way and look chic and classy on the street. Be cautious what you wear underneath, if you wear colorful underwear, it's meant to be seen through the layer. 

- Short sleeves shirt (Kenneth Cole Collection)

Light weight cotton is my favorite in the summer. And everyone should own at least one short sleeves white shirt in their closet. You will find this best friend the most when you decide to go on a beach day, a summer vocation, a picnic party, a pool party. It's a grown up statement piece for all your causal social. It's very simple and totally effortless. You can also go for small prints like the four button Jachs shirt ($69) at Men's Backstage

- Tank Top (Calvin Klein)

The more intimate the item is, the more you should focus on its composition. The last thing you want is the material that irritate your skin. The good thing about tank top is you don't have to worry about the yellow stinks at the armpit areas. CK is known for its intimate, get the one in classic style, crew neck with smooth circular drop. 

- Sweater (Salvatore Ferragamo) 

Remember even white comes in different shades, pair those together will make you look trendy effortlessly. Fit is always a big focus, you want to show the best body ratio as possible. If you go for a baggy top you will look like a santa clause. The fit between the pants and the top should align. 

- Jacket (by Diesel Black Gold) | - T-shirt and pants by Dolce & Gabbana

Although the regular Diesel isn't my go to style. But the leather jackets in their Black Gold collection always draw attention. While anything in white should pretty much minimalistic, your jacket needs to stand out. 

- Shirt (Left: Dsquared2, Right: Lanvin)

It's not very smart to wear white to dinner's party and event. Just an accidental spill and your night is ruined. But if you work in creative field or you don't have the corporate dress code, wear white to work actually makes people admire your taste. Bottom like is, dress contemporary. Go for a slim cut and premium fabric. The only thing that separates the heaven and hell is purely the material and cutting. 

- Blazer (Left: Boss Black; Right: Marc Jacobs)

This is finally the upper level material. Once you have mastered wearing two pieces of white on your body, the final challenge is to add the blazer. Unlike a model, the chances of you wearing nothing inside but a blazer is almost nonexistent (unless you are so confident about your ripped body... In that case, please do share). Besides showing off the perfect body, the intention really is to utilize the skin tones to separate the white areas. Can you imagine walking like a piece of paper on the street?

The only way to do White x White x White correctly, is to mix different shades of white together to create a layer effect. Forget the white and go with earth tone inside. Just like any other advices you have been given to buy your blazer, watch out where the hem and the cuff ends. Tailor will always make it better. 

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