Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Remember the time when you walked on the street with no agenda and pleasant surprise happened? In my experience, that includes stumbled upon a celebrity at an empty bar and had an hour long chat... Therefore, when Warby Parker releases a new collection that is inspired by impromptu, I immediately feel related. 

In fact, the new Beacon collection is exactly what we need: looking cool during the day and charming at night. If anything, we are the pleasant surprise to the next person who stumbles upon...

Out of the 4 new lines in the Beacon collection, Garrett and Ingram are designed for our gents to look their best. 


Garrett’s flat browline and subtle keyhole bridge are
a fine pair for those with distinct taste


With squared-off lenses and a dipped browline, Ingram is
a nice choice for both leisurely pursuits and revelry

Are you a Garrett or an Ingram guy? Tell us and leave your comments below. 

Collection starts at $95, find out more at: www.WarbyParker.com/Beacon
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Monday, July 28, 2014


#056 - White

Everyone starts with a white tee-shirt. Crew neck, v-neck... The good thing about white is... it matches every color. Other than that, any other items in white seems a bit overboard. White blazer? White pants? White sweater? Can we even wear white head to toe and walk on the street and not look like an A-hole?

The answer is... Yes. We actually can. In New York, color ties closely with the season. White belongs to late spring to summer to early fall, once we enter the winter, there's nothing but charcoal & black on the street. While we still have a few months left, why don't we make a new look and you can vow your Facebook friends and Instagram followers?

 Here's this week's inspirations:

- Pants (left: Belstaff; Right: Z Zegna)

Interesting enough, after your regular, probably worn off white crew neck tee shirt, white pants is the first thing you should purchase. Go for tailor fit dress pants, it outlines your body in a flattering way and look chic and classy on the street. Be cautious what you wear underneath, if you wear colorful underwear, it's meant to be seen through the layer. 

- Short sleeves shirt (Kenneth Cole Collection)

Light weight cotton is my favorite in the summer. And everyone should own at least one short sleeves white shirt in their closet. You will find this best friend the most when you decide to go on a beach day, a summer vocation, a picnic party, a pool party. It's a grown up statement piece for all your causal social. It's very simple and totally effortless. You can also go for small prints like the four button Jachs shirt ($69) at Men's Backstage

- Tank Top (Calvin Klein)

The more intimate the item is, the more you should focus on its composition. The last thing you want is the material that irritate your skin. The good thing about tank top is you don't have to worry about the yellow stinks at the armpit areas. CK is known for its intimate, get the one in classic style, crew neck with smooth circular drop. 

- Sweater (Salvatore Ferragamo) 

Remember even white comes in different shades, pair those together will make you look trendy effortlessly. Fit is always a big focus, you want to show the best body ratio as possible. If you go for a baggy top you will look like a santa clause. The fit between the pants and the top should align. 

- Jacket (by Diesel Black Gold) | - T-shirt and pants by Dolce & Gabbana

Although the regular Diesel isn't my go to style. But the leather jackets in their Black Gold collection always draw attention. While anything in white should pretty much minimalistic, your jacket needs to stand out. 

- Shirt (Left: Dsquared2, Right: Lanvin)

It's not very smart to wear white to dinner's party and event. Just an accidental spill and your night is ruined. But if you work in creative field or you don't have the corporate dress code, wear white to work actually makes people admire your taste. Bottom like is, dress contemporary. Go for a slim cut and premium fabric. The only thing that separates the heaven and hell is purely the material and cutting. 

- Blazer (Left: Boss Black; Right: Marc Jacobs)

This is finally the upper level material. Once you have mastered wearing two pieces of white on your body, the final challenge is to add the blazer. Unlike a model, the chances of you wearing nothing inside but a blazer is almost nonexistent (unless you are so confident about your ripped body... In that case, please do share). Besides showing off the perfect body, the intention really is to utilize the skin tones to separate the white areas. Can you imagine walking like a piece of paper on the street?

The only way to do White x White x White correctly, is to mix different shades of white together to create a layer effect. Forget the white and go with earth tone inside. Just like any other advices you have been given to buy your blazer, watch out where the hem and the cuff ends. Tailor will always make it better. 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


055 - Accessories x Shoes

Weekender by Brioni. Shoes by Calvin Klein Collection. Tote by Louis Vuitton.

If you live in New York, the chances are you probably walk by this poster at least once in the subway station. The talented New York based artist best known for its custom three-dimensional sculptures and large-scale mosaics from popular everyday items and is best known for his work with standard LEGO toy bricks.

Before Playstation became every teenage boy's household item, Lego was an important part of childhood. You start with a small box of Legos, carefully follow the instruction and recreate the scene on the box display. As you build up your ego (and prove that you are capable of reading and following instructions), you move forward to bigger box. With more variety of bricks and increasingly complex project, Lego is as fun as watching batman movies. The only thing I didn't know... is if you can manage 15000-25000 of those little pieces, you can build something so amazing... like a life form human being.

What happen when Nathan meets Fashion? Allow me to introduce you to Nathan's fashion fantasies. His work is not only eye pleasing, every single one delivers its own story and emotions and creativities. 

Bag by Herm├ĘsShoes by Bally.
Jacket by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane
Backpack by Gucci. Shoes by Bruno Magli.

Bag by Coach. Shoes by Tod's.

Sneakers by Maison Martin Margiela and Ami.
Laptop case by Smythson. Bag by Giorgio Armani.

"Inspiration comes from anywhere. Often my art is an reenactment of my own personal feelings. I am inspired by my own experiences, emotions and the journeys I am taking..." - Nathan Sawaya

Suitcase by Prada. Shoe by Kenneth Cole Collection.
Card case by Vince Camuto. Bag by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Find out more about Nathan Sawaya: http://brickartist.com/about/

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


054 - Made with Silk

Shirt by Neil Barrett | Pants by Louis Vuitton | Shoes by Gucci

  1. a fine, strong, soft, lustrous fiber produced by silkworms in making cocoons and collected to make thread and fabric.

Who doesn't like silk? No matter you own a silk tie or a 1600 thread counts bed sheet from Egypt, we don't seem to be able to let go that soft touch on our skin. With silk become more common in our everyday's life, will you consider adding a refined collection in your wardrobe?

This week we brought you the inspirations of silk made clothing from basic tee shirts to full on suit. Next time, when you go shopping, flip the label and compare the difference in hand feel between cotton and silk. 

Yes. It feels right.
Cardigan by Kolor | Shirt & Pants by Dior Homme

Jacket by Bottega Veneta | Shirt by Versace | Pants by E.Tantz

Suit by Dolce & Gabbana | Polo by DKNY Jeans
Blazer by Giorgio Armani | Shirt by Hemes | Pants by Topman

Jacket by Brioni | T-Shirt by Boglioli

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Monday, July 7, 2014


#053 - Men's Swim Suits and Trunks


Welcome back from the long weekend! As usual, it feels too short and the inevitable hangover is still rolling inside your head somewhere. For those of you who get to spend time at a beach, did you get to show off your workout results? For me, besides being burnt by the microwaving sun light, I was slightly intimated by all these beach ready figures walking around me. Although it's hard to compare my body with the streamy others, I am pleased to see more guys have started to wear modern swimwear instead of the stone age 12 inches board shorts. Therefore, my dear Gents, let me present you this special post featuring some of your favorite designers swimwear and yes... 'that workout body'.

Have a happy work week, remember when you in doubt, always come back and check out Style 4 Gents for reference and inspirations!

Dolce & Gabbana
Charlie by Matthew Zink
Like underwear some people prefer brief better and others enjoy the limitless in the boxer. Swimwear has gone through a similar revolution. When a shorter, less bulky version of short trunks emerged in the U.S market, people were originally hesitated. It took some time for Americans to finally open their minds and understand that a fitted garment compensates a figure better. Your Old Navy long board shorts doesn't. 

The swimwear industry is also booming, when newer brands come to the market and offer more variety of items for us. Onia, Orlebar Brown... Depends on your preference you will find plenty of choices to fit your budget. Bottom line? Don't limit to yourself to one style and open up yourself to options. 

Go workout and show off, you only live once. 


Marc by Marc Jacobs

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Friday, July 4, 2014


# Exclusive Promotions For Our Gents x Men's Backstage

Happy 4th of July weekend! I hope you are happily enjoying bbq, sipping wine or beer, showering with sunshine and music. To make this weekend even better, we have got our gents some exclusive deals to celebrate this awesome weekend. Yes! We team up with Men's Backstage this time to offer you some exclusive discount only for our readers. Now you can get 25% discount on their JACHS NY merchandise. If you have no idea, JACHS is one of the most popular gents must-have brand these days. The New York based company started 30 years ago as a manufacture. It is now producing garments for numerous big names including Massimo Dutti, Zara, M&S, All Saints, Pull & Bear... Their new private label brand JACHS was founded in 2008 and had made its name across the america. If you haven't own one of their collections, here is a good opportunity for you to rack up some quality staple items. 

Head on to www.MensBackstage.com and order your favorite JACHS item (Did we also mention Free Shipping?). Offer ends on July 6th mid-night while supply lasts. Remember to enter our promo code GENTS25 to retrieve the discount. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014


#052 - Guys Night Out

Gucci | Dolce & Gabbana

What July 4th weekend means to you?

Family, bbq, booze, extra sleep, fireworks... What doesn't occur to you is the likelihood you will having a NIGHT OUT. Whether you are going on a date, a family dinner or just brunch of bros hanging out, don't forget DRESS TO IMPRESS.

This week, we brought you the styles from the top models on the street. 

When in doubt, come check out Style 4 Gents! 

Tom Ford | Dior Homme                                                   Louis Vitton | Bottega Veneta 

               Prada | Emporio Amani                         Salvatore Ferragamo | Burberry Prorsum

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