Monday, July 7, 2014


#053 - Men's Swim Suits and Trunks


Welcome back from the long weekend! As usual, it feels too short and the inevitable hangover is still rolling inside your head somewhere. For those of you who get to spend time at a beach, did you get to show off your workout results? For me, besides being burnt by the microwaving sun light, I was slightly intimated by all these beach ready figures walking around me. Although it's hard to compare my body with the streamy others, I am pleased to see more guys have started to wear modern swimwear instead of the stone age 12 inches board shorts. Therefore, my dear Gents, let me present you this special post featuring some of your favorite designers swimwear and yes... 'that workout body'.

Have a happy work week, remember when you in doubt, always come back and check out Style 4 Gents for reference and inspirations!

Dolce & Gabbana
Charlie by Matthew Zink
Like underwear some people prefer brief better and others enjoy the limitless in the boxer. Swimwear has gone through a similar revolution. When a shorter, less bulky version of short trunks emerged in the U.S market, people were originally hesitated. It took some time for Americans to finally open their minds and understand that a fitted garment compensates a figure better. Your Old Navy long board shorts doesn't. 

The swimwear industry is also booming, when newer brands come to the market and offer more variety of items for us. Onia, Orlebar Brown... Depends on your preference you will find plenty of choices to fit your budget. Bottom line? Don't limit to yourself to one style and open up yourself to options. 

Go workout and show off, you only live once. 


Marc by Marc Jacobs

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