Friday, January 31, 2014


033 - Festival Celebration

Happy Lunar New Year! This the time of year where you will definitely not get seated in a Chinese restaurant. They are either closed or crowded with people who don't have to work. At the same time, Chinese New Year was such a big festival they trade the dropping mirror ball with golden dragon. In case if you don't know about it, 2014 is the year of HORSE (Chinese zodiac is rotating twelve different animals annually, more or less like the horoscope). 

Speaking of celebration, Hong Kong fashion retailer Lane Crawford's collaboration with the master hair stylist Katsuya Kamo for his work to showcase including 300 headpieces to exhibit in 5 LC stores in both Hong Kong and China. Katsuya Kamo has worked with fashion designers and labels like Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, and Undercover...

For the retailer's Botanical campaign, Lane Crawford has asked Kamo to design hats and headpieces to go with their new season merchandise. The result is a glorious explosion of flowers and butterflies.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


#032 - Parrot Flower Power

We are constantly amazed by the modern technology that gives us assistance and convenience in life. Today we find Parrot Flower Power, it's like your little assistance for your backyard gardening. Once you stick it in the soil next to the your plant, It monitors your plants 24/7 and measures the sunlight, soil moisture, temperature and fertilizer level. When you are so busy at work and forget to 'feed' your plants, it connects to the free iPhone app through the bluetooth and sends you reminder (or death alert!). With its library of over 6000 plants, now you will have all the resources you need to grow your organic BLT burger.  

When you don't have time for raising a kid, or a pet, at least you will be able to keep a plant alive. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Coat, $298 by Banana Republic. Cardigan, $148 by J.Crew. Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren. Tie by Michael Bastian. Gloves by Gant Rugger. Jeans by AG Adriano Goldschmied. Shoes by Gucci.

January is the month when winter apparel is on final sale so stores can clean their house for the new items. While it is still chilling and wintery out there, this might be your good chance to hunt a great deal and stock up some new clothes. Today, Style 4 Gents is running through the stock list for you with our man - Big Sean. Mark the good stuff down.  

1. Tweed Coat & Cardigan (pic above)
Tweed is the kind of material that automatically elevates your style. And cardigan is the perfect layer to add inside a jacket or a suit to keep your body warm while translate a fashion statement. Buy the caramel or the brown color family to contrast with your suits. 

2. Remember we did  a keychain survey back a month or two ago? Here comes the wallet chain that goes perfect with any occasion. 

(Left) Suit by John Varvatos. Shirt by J.Lindeberg. Tie by Glendon Lambert.
(Right) Wallet chain by Chrome Hearts. 

3. I still haven't seen this wide-spread collar becoming popular in the market. But when you get one which now is the best season to, just simply tie a small knot, no need for a big twist to cover all the space between the collar points. Be more adventurous when you choose pocket squares, and be surprised by the magic of different shades of brown. 

Shirt, $265 by Ovadia & Sons. Tie by Glendon Lambert. Tie bar by The Tie Bar.

Pocket Square fom top: Brunello Cucinelli, $155, Robert Talbott, $75, Façonnable (center), $85
United Arrows (left), $70, Alexander Olch (right), $60, Brunello Cucinelli, $165, O'Harrow, $34

4. Red is the new black. Get the pair! Meanwhile, you realized so many reasons to like a nice pair of chelsea boots. First it looks sophisticated in leather. Second it works so well with slim cut pants. And finally, it's so easy, you just slip your feets in there!

(Left) Shoes, $995 by Salvatore Ferragamo. Socks by Etiquette Clothiers x Mark McNairy. Jeans by AG Adriano Goldschmied.
(Right) Boots, $1,875 by Tod's. Suit pants by J.Lindeberg.

5. This part is the upper level challenge. A fedora and a turtleneck. 

(Left) Sweater, $198 by Paul Stuart. Shirt by Gant Rugger. Tie by The Tie Bar. Jeans by Balmain. Hat Stetson.
(Right) Turtleneck, $230 by John Smedley. Jacket by J Brand. Pants and belt by Brunello Cucinelli. Watch by Hermès.

6. This is how you can twist up your street style: wear a bow tie, pair it with the trending CPO jacket. These military-bred down shells are gunning for your sports jackets. They strike a balance between the haberdashery and the street. And finally, get the british khaki. With so many shades offered, pick the golden brown. 

On the right it's the latest episode on 'How I met your sweatpants?' The answer is when it builds with elastic cuffs, you can look cool on it with a print shirt and blazer. It's challenging but you know what? Fashion is fun! Keep it in mind we don't recommend the sagging pants with half of your behind showing off, we are not in that era anymore.  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED !

(Left) Bow tie, $110 by Alexander Olch. Jacket, $390 by Wings + Horns. Khakis, $198 by Unis. Hat by Jack Spade. Shirt by Todd Snyder. Belt by Ralph Lauren. Watch by Longines. Shoes by Barker Black.
(Right) Sweatpants, $98 by Saturdays NYC. Suit jacket by ASOS. Shirt by Sandro. Pocket square by The Tie Bar. Cap by Supreme. Watch by Rolex. Sneakers by Vans.

7. Remember how we mentioned at the beginning about the tweed will up bring your overall style? Here comes the same upgrade for the sneakers in flannel material. 

You probably don't wear a funky color and print watch on the weekday if your work attire is dress shirt and pants in the office. But you gotta loosen it up on a weekend. Let go your leather or metal strap watch, show people you know how to have fun. 

Shoes Clockwise: Common Projects, $430, SeaVees, $92, Sperry Top-Sider, $70, SeaVees, $138
Watch strap, $20 by J.Crew. Watch, $118 by Timex for J.Crew.

8. I like how J.Crew always came up with a lot of good and colorful prints for their men's shirt collection. 
Pants, $70 by Banana Republic. Shirt by J.Crew. Belt by Closed. Sports jacket (in hand) by Ermenegildo Zegna.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Somehow we are able to get our hands to Amani Believe's soon to be launched first collection. The well made cufflinks best matches your dark colored dress shirt. Office gents know a good proof of style is a nice pair of cufflinks. It comes with different shapes, materials and brands. The guys from Amani seems to know a thing or two about what we really want. Subtle, yet it draws attention with its shiny silver coating and monogram print. Now imagine walk around a shirt with a pair of deluxe cufflinks like this one... A gent certainly knows his style and confidence. 

For pre-launch promotions, they are selling it way below their retail price for only $28 a pair. Better buy it before the promotion runs out. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Style 4 Gents was invited to Bosideng's cocktail party at Rothmans to celebrate their first US pop up store. Celebrities + DJ + Fine cocktail and refreshment = A good party. The Chinese apparel company  nailed it beautifully. 

DJ plays music in front of the neon brand

Chairman Dekang Gao and wife

Fine gents are enjoying the beverage and conversations

The textured sweater is definitely our gent's favorite

The whole black colored decor is a well refined taste

Bosideng is found in 1976. It started expanding its market to UK in 2012 and mentioned its intention to open up a new location in Manhattan, New York. The ambitious label took only two years to fulfill its promise. Style4Gents wish their success in the US market and look forward to seeing some luxurious apparel for our respected gents. 


by Zanerobe

Style 4 Gents had the pleasure tonight at Zanerobe's North America Launch Party for its Spring '14 collection, Hype Nation. Despite the freezing cold weather in New York, DJ Wonder heated up Atrium store with its beat pumping music and guests enjoyed refreshment sponsored by Heineken, Jarritos and Sigmund's Pretzels.

Meanwhile, Style 4 Gents got the first peak of the collection. 

(Left) Kapu Bomber Jacket with Palm Camo Print
(Right) Sureshot chinos

Speaking of Zanerobe, the story of the brand started back in 2002 in Australia when LEITH TESTONI and JONATHON YEO betted over a beer on who could design a better shirt. The great feedback from their first collection resulted the growth for the brand in the next 12 year. Zanerobe is now a global brand stocking at 300 stores globally. In U.S they can be seen at Saks, Bloomingdale, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Hypebeast...etc

Thank you Zanerobe for such a great event. It was a delight sipping alcoholic beverage after a long work day. The Hype Nation collection is now available online at

The stylish gents are mingling at Atrium

Atrium features a great collection of stylish sneakers 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


030 - The Lost History

This is J.F.K. His trademark is the pair of the wayfarer he always wear. Many said he was wearing Ray Ban. But guess what?they were wrong. 

The amber print sunglasses belongs to the brand called American Optical Saratogas. Their frames are much thinner than Ray Bans and more fragile. Unfortunately the company was no longer exist and all its product becomes a vintage legend, just like JFK... If you are lucky you might find this on eBay for $500 bucks. 

To our iconic gent, J.F.K. 

Monday, January 20, 2014


029 - Thermal Tops

Winter is no strange season for outdoor sports, having a thermal top definitely helps to keep your body warm while absorb the sweat from your exercise and offer a comfortable layer to your skin. Here are the thermal tops that you should look into when you are into the following sports. 


- Made from 100% lightweight marino wool
- Breathable & Odor Resistance
- Looser fit design, ideal for running

Source: Icebreaker

SKIING - Men's Baselayer Midweight Long Sleeve Top

This breathable warming technology helps regulate your temperature with little silver dots that reflect and retain the warmth your body generates.

- Reflects body heat
- Highly breathable
- Reduces your need for bulky layers
- Wicks moisture to keep you dry and comfortable

Source: Columbia


- Formfitting without being restrictive 
- Features a French Terry interior lining for maximum comfort
- Functional chest pocket 
- Reflective logo for morning dog run

Source: Solomon


- Polypropylene composition layer to keep warm and formfitting
- Versatile base layer that works for any situation from exercising to heading to the office

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