Saturday, January 18, 2014


027 - How much sex = a good work out

Our gents will have no argument to believe a good sex shed a lot of energy. Some believe if you miss a work out, you can make up with sex. So are you ready for some studies to proof you right? or wrong?

In Montreal, researchers from University of Quebec invited 21 heterosexual couples in their early 20s, strapped them a light weight monitor on their arm to measure energy expenditure in calories and exercise intensity in METs, or metabolic equivalent of task. First they recorded the data of participants jogging on a treadmills for 30 mins and then asked al the couples to have sex once a week for a month.

The results are in! By comparing the numbers between jogging and sex, unsurprisingly jogging burned more calories from a body than their weekly XX. But the intensity of sex still ranked a legit moderate exercise. Noted, sometimes sex isn't hot and heavy and doesn't always last long, so you can't count every quickie as a moderate workout.

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