Tuesday, January 14, 2014


023 - Immune System Boost

We have long been told eating orange equals to injecting good amount of vitamin C to fight the flu. While orange isn't unfavorable fruit and orange juice is always a common fruit drink, you might be surprised that there isn't much scientific research to link vitamin C to the prevention of cold. 

Now, let's talk some biology. CAMP gene has been known to trigger the production of a jack-of-all-trades immune system protein that kills bacteria, promotes healing, and helps reduce inflammation. There are natural fruits that impact the CAMP gene. Out of the hundreds of tested one, blueberries and grapes were found the highest boost of the gene's expression. It works exceptionally well when it combines vitamin D which you can find through sunlight exposure or fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Vitamin D is vital for a properly functioning immune system. 

From now on, include your diet with blueberries (preferably because of its lower sugar) and grapes, then say your farewell to cold and flu. 

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