Thursday, January 16, 2014

Style 4 Gents x Fashion Manufacturers Showcase @ FITx Premier Vision New York

024 - Industrial Event

This is the very first time for us to attend the Fashion Manufacturers Showcase in the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology. We are blessed to see a lot of local manufacturers came out and offered resources to designers who are new to the business. Aside from a few familiar faces we had worked with in the past, we got to talk to a lot of industrial leaders who have been in the garment business for decades. That also included one of the factories that does knitting garment, they are also producing apparel, scarf and accessories for Ralph Lauren for next year's Olympians. And yes, we got a peak of what it looks like, let's just say it inherits the colors of American flag. 

It is also good to hear how production is shifting back locally, designers care more about quality and craftsmanship. It brings the jobs back to the United States and less factories are facing foreclosure. We also spoke with manufactures in different borough in New York. In the future we look forward to bringing you more content about this 'making of' the fashion business. 

Premier Vision is a global trade show for sourcing textile, material and prints. It features textile provider and print studio around the world. Print has been trending so fast we constantly see new ideas popping out in the market. We have also worked with a few of the studios in the past for print development and I can tell you the growth of this business is ridiculous. People are, of course very talented. They constantly fly around the world to promote their work and update their collections, every time they visit they bring something inspiring to the table. It is indeed a fascinating business. 

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