Monday, December 9, 2013


#009 - The Contemporary Colors

Do you realize once we are in winter, our color options are drastically reduced? We can't wear light colors, no more white, ivory, but dark colors. At the end, we end up picking that navy blue jacket and black pants because it is just easy, mindless and it seems... 'appropriate'. 

You are right, even designers tend to choose darken colors for their winter collections (Besides  Australia, Mexico, Brazil… the countries with no winter weather…). As popular (or boring) as navy blue and black are on the market, there are much more options out there. Of course, you can wear the same thing like everyone else on the street, or you can decide to show your taste of style beyond the safe choices. Like Matrix, a red pill or the blue pill… For our gents who are bold enough to explore and experiment, here are some classy styles that will keep the admiring attentions on you. 

From top: Shirt by Lacoste, pants by Ami, shoes by Church's, bag by Want les Essentiels de la Vie, socks throughout by Uniqlo. Suit by Jil Sander, shirt by Hamilton, shoes by Tod's, bag by Ralph Lauren.

From top: Shirt and jeans by Boss, shoes by Woolrich Woolen Mills. Jacket by Z Zegna, sweater by Topman, pants by Band of Outsiders, bag by Coach.

< - From top: Coat by Gucci, turtleneck by Lanvin, pants by Paul Smith, shoes by Bally. T-shirt by ATM, pants by Prada, shoes by Pierre Balmain, bag by Louis Vuitton.
 -> From top: Jacket by Prada, turtleneck by Canali, pants by Brunello Cucinelli, shoes by Paul Smith. Shirt by Balmain, pants by Diesel, belt by Paul Smith, shoes by Tod's.

From left: Suit and sweater by Calvin Klein Collection, gloves by Kenneth Cole, shoes by Tod's, bag by Bally. Blazer by Brioni, shirt by Equipment Homme, pants by Kenneth Cole, tie by Boss, shoes by John Lobb, wallet by Valextra.

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