Thursday, June 12, 2014


049 - Office Style Inspirations

Suits by Zegna

Good Morning Gents!

For a lot of us, the boundaries of wearing a full suits has become more flexible. It doesn't have to be full black suits, and no one wants to look exactly like the nerd sitting right next to you. Therefore, here's some of the inspirations we found that will spice up your charm in this summer. 

First off, consider suit separates. Mix and match colors has become very common and easy to shop. Keep your pants color subtle and you can throw on a more 'summer-ish' color blazer. Yes, we mean a light color! Because every individual piece is office appropriate, it never strikes an awkward 'too trendy' vibe to your colleague. 

But yes! You look different. By different, I mean BETTER. The difference between charmer and office slave. 

If suit pants aren't your office requirement, try differentiate your style with highlights of bright color.  (Left)

Casual smart style has been in the market for years, you have seen celebrity dressing similar styles. Here is the magic, your suits has to fit you well, then pair those killers with a crewneck shirt or sweater. (Center)

Mix and match patterns is also a way to show others you have a taste and know how to style. Keep your pieces in the same color tones and leave the texture on the jacket. (Right)
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