Wednesday, June 18, 2014


#050 - Double-breasted Suits

'Honestly, it's not easy to wear suits in the summer'

With temperature swinging between the 70s and 80s, it isn't too hard to imagine the suffering of wearing layers while walking down the street in the middle of New York. But damn! Man just look good in a suit, period!

Personally, I think pulling off a double-breasted jacket is tricky. Most of the time people regard its trendy but formal style, but a wrong style might also cause you be mistaken as a Donald Trump.  

Well, we got some tips for you. 

Sometimes the magic between formal and causal cocktails a style that is  dynamic, fun yet very forward and impressive. And I call it Hollywood Smart Casual. The 'they-don't-care' celebrities effortlessly steal your attention with a simple white tee-shirt and a suit jacket. Turns out not only it works for them, it is also fairly easy for us gents.

The Emporio Armani suits (Top) in a rich light grey color is all you need to steal the show. The best thing about a subtle color is... it allows you to dress up and down and fits into different occasions. But you won't feel over/underdress. 


(Above) For formal dinner or cocktail situation, simply match the white shirt with dark color suit. Whether you decide to go with a tie or not, your double-breasted suit could be your one way ticket to the great impression. 

(Below) Grey suits and tank top by Tommy Hilfiger

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