Monday, March 10, 2014


038 - Spring colors for suits

(From Left)

Suit ($3,095) by Belvest. Shirt ($450) by Prada. Tie ($190) and Shoes ($1,450) by Dior Homme. Belt ($670) by Louis Vuitton. Pocket square ($165) by Tom Ford

Blazer ($2,995) and pants ($1,035) by Berluti. Shirt ($345) by Giorgio Armani. Tie ($190) by Gucci. Shoes ($650) by Ermenegildo Zegna. Belt ($145) by Barneys New York.
Blazer ($425), pants ($195), and pocket square ($60) by Club Monaco. Shirt ($330) and Tie ($170) by Jil Sander. Shoes ($1,710) by John Lobb.

Hi Gents,

Take a second and look at the suit you are wearing to work, is it in black, navy or charcoal? In the world of office, there seems to be a limited color choices that are socially acceptable. Everyone wears the same color, same style, SAME UNIFORM. 

This is going to change. In fact, it has been changing. The trend setters are showing men how you can add colors and patterns to your wardrobe without looking like an outcast. Here we proudly to point out the three colors (Light Gray, Deep Bright Blue and Saturated Teal) worth you trying it out in this Spring Summer season. You don't have to hate putting on the same boring suits to work afterwards. 

Remember, you can always stick and become that American stereotype no one wants to admit or talk about. People at our Gent's club are leaders and influencers, being the same is not part of our blood. 


Style 4 Gents

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