Wednesday, March 19, 2014


042 - Aaron Paul

Jesse, the favorite character from the legendary show the 'Breaking Bad' was played by the actor Aaron Paul. In his latest photo shoot, Paul posed as the modern gentleman in the factory setting background. The black suit jacket, white v-neck tee and the black leather pants, it's a causal smart style with an attitude. The second shot was more of a modern office attire - wool coat, dress shirt and pants with the slick black shoes. You then realize... even when he wears everything like all we do everyday, little of him shows the vibe of a person who works in the office. Through his eyes, there seems to be another world evolving inside his much more that we won't be figuring out. 

At the end, the final question is.. which Aaron do you like the most? The one from the Breaking Bad (top), the modern bad boy (below) or the fashionable gent (second below)?

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