Friday, November 22, 2013


#002 - How to pull up causal smart with boots

Do you remember that crowded train ride in rush hours everyday? Don't you think It is an awfully awkward situation when strangers are forced to look at each other without saying a word? You decide to pull out your phone, attempt to withdraw the attention from starring at someone's boobs. At one point, you will bow down your head, and… Here they are!! The shoes!

Shoes draw attention. Period.

We are living in the days where the line between formal and causal has been blurred. People wear a suit with sneakers, sport shoes, even sandals. Causal Smart is a stylish statement to dress causal without compromising the formality. 

The models are presenting the new collection Palladium x Richard Chai

Having weekend brunch with friends, walking your dog in central park, and yes, shopping. Palladium came across to me a few years ago, the brand was found in 1920s and ever since their signature boots empire is remembered by layering canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber. Their design is distinctive, the style always draw attention and it is very affordable and long lasting. Pair it up with your blazer jacket, and you just nailed it.  

Pampa Sport Cuff Wp2

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