Thursday, August 28, 2014


My encounter with Warby Parker happened recently when I was contacted by Brian to promote WP's new lia doubt, Warby Parker has become a new legend as a start ud eyewear fashion. Each pair of gWarby Parker costs about $100, trendy and totally affordable. 

This time, I got a chance to v Warby Parker in New York and took a peak of their office. My dear gents, you are in a treat to look at this blueprint of their development cycle. Speaking of Brian, he is the Director of Digital Marketing (a.k.a. a cool dude). At the day of the interview he wore his typical causal work wear - a short sleeves t-shirt and a pair of summer shorts. In contrast of my dress shirt and a vest on top, I envy his work attire during the summer. 

Brian Magida

When you walk inside the office, a neat and tidy showroom is located on the right hand side and you can see the entire work staff through the glasses. All the collections available for purchase are displayed nicely on the shelf and desk. Customers are welcome to come in and try out different styles. Most of the time I am a contact lens person, but I am amazed to matchmaking a few styles, and damn! i do like it. Instead of looking like a nerd working at the genius bar, for once I am capable of looking smart and cute with glasses on my face  (!!). 

As you can see below, the crystal frame glasses belong to the new WATERWAY Collection. The campaign was shot under water. 

Would you prefer the Waterway sunglasses or glasses?

Brian later on brought me to the back of the office where we stood in front of a giant white wall with a road map to the Beacon Collection's development. Similar to a lot of design development, ideas were pitched, transformed and then modified, Beacon Collection started off with 70s influence but it eventually became a collection where everyone can wear it during the day and night. Due to the long production cycle, I was told Warby Parker has already begun its 2016 collection development. 

Asked how Warby Parker gets into the brick-and-motor war ground, Brian told me that it was just the right decision at the right time for the business. Without any spending in advertising, sales figures are impressive and appoinappointments are fully booked. Expect more stores will be opened.

After all, it's about how to do the business right and eventually... human. Warby Parker banks with its stylish, affordable products with amazing customer service, innovative technologies and social movement, but what differentiates its position from the others is the ability of getting direct feedbacks, studying the market and making transformative decisions without going through complicated layers. 

As a gent with brain, we certainly take notes from the tour. 

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