Saturday, April 19, 2014



Hey guys it has been a while since we update our blog page, there are just too many to update you all. Let's run down the check list:

First of all, Style4Gents is launching a new shopping platform 'Men's Backstage'. Men’s Backstage is a new shopping destination for the modern men to shop their everyday wear. You might think 'God! Another shopping site...' Hold that thought! Because we connected with different quality brands from all over the world (Think US, UK, Amsterdam, Shanghai and more...). These rising brands develop some of the most practical and charming collections for us sophisticated individuals. A lot of them are on limited release, which means you won't find them in the aging department store. But it's just a click away to have them delivered to your doorstep (and they are reasonably priced!). 

We recently shot our first video campaign, it was an absolute fantastic experience for us to work with a lot of talented people. We will show you more behind the scene next week. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Bonobos has recently connected with us about a new campaign launching next week and we can't wait to share the details with you. Remember to follow us (See the links on that side?-->), we will drop the news on Monday!

Finally, Style4Gents is reaching 200k on our Google+ page. Let's make it happen!

Show your support to Men's Backstage! (Special VIP launching promotion)

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